TO MENU

        Covid Safe Services

        Business name: Cast in Colour Photography
        Plan completed by: Claire Young
        Date reviewed: 18th March 2022

        From 3rd November 2020 the following will apply:

        Record Keeping
        Name and contact information of all guests present are required.

        Ensure Physical Distancing
        Both the photographer and the client are to remain at least 1.5 metres apart as much as possible.  Sorry, no hand shaking or hugs!

        Face Masks
        As per the DHHS regulations, a face mask will be worn by the photographer in required settings. People having their photograph taken may remove their face mask for the purpose of the photograph and then must resume wearing it once the photography is complete (unless exempt or government regulations are no longer in force).

        Practice Good Hygiene
        Hands and camera gear will be washed and sterilised prior to every session, and whenever possible, during the session.  Props will not be supplied by the photographer until further notice.

        Traveling from Melbourne Metropolitan to Regional Victoria
        While working in Regional Victoria, the photographer will operate according to the restrictions in Metropolitan Melbourne if government restrictions are in force.