TO MENU

        Let me set the scene for you… It’s April 2020, Melbourne is in lockdown due to the newly discovered Covid 19 pandemic. The entire city is deserted, police patrol the streets and it’s eerily quiet. But here, within the grounds of the St Augustine Parish, two people are about to declare their immense love for one another. Michelle and Julian were planning on getting married here surrounded by all their most loved people, but once the world went into chaos, their plan had to change. The rules were simple, only 5 people could attend a wedding – the officiant/priest, the two people who were to be married and two witnesses. Michelle and Julian reached out to us when the lockdown orders came into effect in March, and told us that they still really wanted to get married on their original wedding date, would we be their witnesses? Of course! So here we were, the five of us, in a candle filled church, to document their wedding. 

        The most intimate wedding we’ve ever photographed.

        This one’s really special. Emotional, heartfelt, tender, intimate. We’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story….