TO MENU

        On a rainy morning up in the hills of the Yarra Ranges, Janine alongside four of her best friends was getting ready for her wedding day in a quaint little cottage nestled in the trees. Gifts shared, tears shed, and a gorgeous wedding gown.

        The rain cleared for the sun to peer through the clouds and onto their beautiful ceremony at the Yarra Ranges Estate wedding venue. The view behind the ceremony was over lush fields and gumtrees, with vineyards in the distance showing the changing colours of Autumn. Their rustic reception styling of olive branches and little honey pots perfectly suited the raw and light-filled space at the Yarra Ranges Estate, a beautiful naked cake with white roses as the centrepiece.

        With moody skies as our backdrop we wandered the gorgeous grounds for the portrait session, through the leaf filled vineyards and rolling fields. Janine spotted a large gumtree towards the back of one of the paddocks, and explained she’d always dreamed of having a wedding photograph under a big tree, showing the sheer size and beauty. So we enjoyed the fresh, crisp autumn air and made our way towards the tree. The resulting photograph was so worth the journey, and certainly one of our favourites from the day.

        The rain appeared just at the perfect time, as we cozied up inside the reception room at the Estate for a lavish dinner, heartfelt speeches, the most amazing desert buffet and a night of dancing the night away.